Time Management Workshop

Second Workshop of STM

2 Day’s Workshop   –  Sat 18 –  Sun 19 March 2017
At The Royal Rodale, Karachi
Address: TC-V, 34th Street, D.H.A Phase 5 Ext

The training was attended by following organizations

  • IT Line Pakistan
  • Security printing press of Pakistan
  • Export processing Zone
  • Auspak International

The mindset, concepts, techniques and strategies which can help us create an inverse proportionality between commitments and time while maintaining a balance in all of life’s roles is termed as ‘Strategic Time-Management’.

Objective of the workshop

In this 18 hour workshop we discus modern cutting edge concepts and technique to not only help us bring efficiency and effectiveness but also to balance different roles in our lives. Many of the people who done this training have been able to bring phenomenal changes in their lives. They have significantly reduced stress, organized both their professional and personal life and brought about a healthy balance in the different roles of their lives .

Who Should Attend

  • Are you challenged by time?
  • Do you sometimes feel out of control and stressed with seemingly countless things to do?
  • Do you end up missing deadlines?
  • Do you sometimes fail to keep commitment at work and home?
  • Do you have difficulty managing work, Family and activities, for personal health
    If your answer is yes to any of the above question this workshop is right for YOU!

Contents of the Workshop

  • Definition of Strategic Time- Management and how one should strive for achieving an inverse proportionality between his/her commitments and time.
  • Importance of Planning
    The Time Quadrant System enabling one to classify and prioritize all activities according to importance and urgency. One discovers that something important may not be urgent and vice versa.
  • Setting up filters to block and minimize different types of disturbances that occur in routines.
    Commitments and their importance along with the Islamic perspective.
  • To-do lists ranging from the Master to-do list all the way to the daily to-do list to en- sure that one’s commitments are managed / met effectively.
  • Time & ‘Daily Scheduler’.
    Importance of saying ‘NO’ when required and why the failure to say ‘no’ results in mismanagement of time.
  • Emotional bank account and how to use it to effectively say no.
  • Excellence, Mandated and choice roles ‘Roles and Goals planning’ to bring a balance in the different roles of one’s life.

Trainer Profile

downloadMr. Rizwan Ur Rashid – a prominent name of the industry having a vast experience of teaching, trainings and coaching at corporate level; is the lead facilitator and trainer. As a Management Consultant and by having served various organizations he got a valuable exposure of identifying reasons of lead time delays linked to the psychological traits of human capital. He has been conducting training sessions to the organizations like AINET, General Tyre & Rubber, UBL, American Insurance, ATCO Labourites , Faculty of different Universities, BDMC, Executives members of Mirpurkhas Gymkhana, Muhammadi Public & Maaz Bin Jabal Schools.

Mr Rashid has been Associated with PAF KIET as Senior Faculty Member; As an Adjunct Faculty Member in College of Business Management, SZABIST & Bahria University. He has been in executive positions in different organizations like Director R&D in BDMC, Chairman in MAJU, Incharge PAF KIET, Administrator in Cache Education & Associate Professor in Mohammad Ali jinnah University Karachi Pakistan.

He is a PhD scholar and has been involved in research and teaching for the last 19 years. He holds MS Degree in Computer Science from NED University, MIBM (Master Industrial &Business Mathematics) & BSc(Statistics) from Karachi University.

He has published more than 10 research papers (National & International) and has supervised 80+ research Projects.

Call at 0336-5183063 or Email at h.ahmad@haenterprise.org


Location of Royal Rodale Karachi

 Our successful training session on 21-22 January 2017 in Karachi.