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Social Media Marketing & Management


There is a saying “If you are not online customer wouldn’t know that you exist”

If you are a business owner, there are chances that you have already used the social media to promote your business. If you have not used it yourself,  you must have seen other businesses using social media.
Social media influences a significant part of the world population. Recent data suggest that there are over 1.8 billion people who have Facebook accounts, which is almost 28% of world’s population. You may find it unbelievable that clean drinking water is accessible to only 10% of world’s population [UNICEF & WHO].


Objective of the Training:

The training is designed to equip the attendees with the techniques to manage Social Media, especially campaigning and promotions of their businesses on Facebook and LinkedIn. At the end of the workshop, the attendees will understand how to promote their businesses and products on social media and be able to run their online campaigns. The workshop will take attendees through the concepts of marketing and advertisements on social media.

Key topics to be covered during the training:

Day 1
  • Importance of Online Presence
  • Why Social Media?
  • Social Media Online Marketing Tools
  • Goals and Strategies for Social Media Usage
  • Social Media Marketing Plans


  • Effective Content Creation for Social Media
  • Key Performance Indicators (ROI)
  • Social Media Paid Advertisement and Campaigns
  • Social Media Engagements
  • Social Media Plan – a Case Study

Who Should Attend:

  • A middle manager who needs help executing a marketing campaign on Facebook & Twitter.
  • An employee who needs ideas for how to best utilize Facebook for marketing purposes.
  • A business owner who wants to engage better with customers but doesn’t have a lot of time to learn on their own.
  • A small & medium enterprise owner trying to tap into the new world of Social Media and wanting to get revenues out from it.

The Trainers

Humair Ahmad:

Mr. Humair Ahmad has over 18 years experience of marketing and managing multiple offices in Pakistan and UAE as Director and CEO. He has managed many online campaigns for UK universities and organizations for the region of South Asia and Middle-East.  Mr Ahmad has also served in UK as International Manager of University of Sunderland, overseeing its marketing and promotions internationally. He has been involved in many international trainings in UK, UAE and in Pakistan for social media, marketing and personal development.


Rs. 32000/- Per Participant (Group Discount Available)

  • A good opportunity for socializing & networking.
  • Complete training manual for each participants.
  • Participation certificate open completion.
  • Complementary lunch, Coffee and Tea