Data Analysis through SPSS

Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) is a comprehensive and flexible statistical analysis and data management solution produced by IBM and makes statistical data analysis straightforward. SPSS can take data from almost any type of file and use them to generate tabulated reports, charts, and plots of distributions and trends, descriptive statistics, and conduct complex statistical analyses.


SPSS is a widely used program for statistical analysis in social science. SPSS is a powerful suite of data analytics, reporting and modeling software. It is the data analytics software package of choice for people who need to analyze large amounts of quantitative data and is used as standard by a wide range of users who need to quickly and accurately carry out statistical analysis of that data such as market researchers, health researchers, survey companies, government, education researchers, marketing organizations and data miners. SPSS functionality ranges from simple plots and charts; through to much more sophisticated statistical tests. Although very broadly applicable, SPSS is very well-suited to analyzing survey data. It has a very broad range of applications from the relatively simple like calculating frequencies and creating lists and charts through to the far more advanced like variance analysis, multivariate statistical analysis and cluster analysis. It is also useful in building predictive models.



The goal of the course is to increase knowledge and requisite skills of participants on the use of SPSS and to enable them make the most of this powerful software package while allowing them to work independently with SPSS on their own data and provide a solid foundation for advanced data analysis work.


To introduce participants to the basic practice of statistics by using SPSS Statistics, a statistical software program used for data management and data analysis and learn how to perform basic statistical analyses. To introduce participants to the use of advanced SPSS for analyzing project data for reporting purposesv focusing on database management tasks, descriptive statistics and graphics, and basic inferential statistics for comparisons and correlations.


The course is organized in modules and each module covers a reasonable content to enable participants connect and progress successively in the next modules.

  • Module 1: SPSS interface and features
  • Module 2: Data storage types, measures & data management in SPSS
  • Module 3: Creating & editing quantitative & categorical graphs/charts
  • Module 4: Advanced data tabulation
  • Module 5: Point estimation & hypotheses testing
  • Module 6: Inferential analysis
  • Module 7: Time series & Panel analysis


Interested organizations/institutions/individuals are expected to have laptop(s) while attending the workshop, and individuals attending should be from any discipline. Please feel free to bring your own datasets for practice while performing the tasks demonstrated by the trainer. If you have SPSS already installed on your machine the better. However it is not a must because you will be provided with a temporary version for the training. Knowledge & Skills for efficiency and productivity in development DURATION: This is 5 days training program.


The course will take place in Local Hotel (exact venue and date will be available soon) . However, organizations that prefer to host this event at their preferred location are encouraged to apply for the tailored arrangement.

COST: The course fee is Rs.12000 per person (break tea and lunch are provided). For client hosted training’s with participants more than 10, a discount of 15% applies.


Who can attend

  • Faculty Members
  • Anyone having interest in establishing research credentials and improving upon academic competence.
  • Industry practitioners in the field of research & consultancy
  • Scholars / Eager to refine & improvise on their research efforts.
  • Marketing Research Professionals


  • 3 Days (18 Hours)

 Trainer Profile

downloadMr. Rizwan Ur Rashid – a prominent name of the industry having a vast experience of teaching, trainings and coaching at corporate level; is the lead facilitator and trainer. As a Management Consultant and by having served various organizations he got a valuable exposure of identifying reasons of lead time delays linked to the psychological traits of human capital. He has been conducting training sessions to the organizations like AINET, General Tyre & Rubber, UBL, American Insurance, ATCO Labourites , Faculty of different Universities, BDMC, Executives members of Mirpurkhas Gymkhana, Muhammadi Public & Maaz Bin Jabal Schools.

Mr Rashid has been Associated with PAF KIET as Senior Faculty Member; As an Adjunct Faculty Member in College of Business Management, SZABIST & Bahria University. He has been in executive positions in different organizations like Director R&D in BDMC, Chairman in MAJU, Incharge PAF KIET, Administrator in Cache Education & Associate Professor in Mohammad Ali jinnah University Karachi Pakistan.

He is a PhD scholar and has been involved in research and teaching for the last 19 years. He holds MS Degree in Computer Science from NED University, MIBM (Master Industrial &Business Mathematics) & BSc(Statistics) from Karachi University.

He has published more than 10 research papers (National & International) and has supervised 80+ research Projects.