Oxford and Cambridge Advanced Studies Programme



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The Oxford and Cambridge Advanced Studies Program is a prestigious academic summer course for high-school students aged 16-19.  It is a unique opportunity for high-achieving students to live, study and socialise in beautiful Oxford and Cambridge University Colleges.  Students travel to Oxford (OASP) and Cambridge (CASP) from all over the world.

Academic Credit

It is possible to award academic credit for students attending either OASP or CASP for four weeks. It is not possible to award academic credit for two-week courses. If you would like to be awarded credit for attending the Oxford and Cambridge Advanced Studies Program we will need to liaise with your school to arrange the possibility of credit before you arrive in the UK.  We can communicate as necessary with a student’s school to ensure that the subject material and delivery fit in with specific requirements.  Students who wish to receive a credit transfer should consult their school guidance counsellor.

Every student will take home an OASP or CASP certificate of attendance, along with a full report card written by the Course Director and their personal tutors.  Reports include an assessment of progress and achievement as well as suggestions for consolidation and further studies. We can send a copy of the certificate and report card to your school as proof of academic achievement.


Course Date Price
OCASP Two-week course 2nd -15th July / 16th – 29th July £3,180
OCASP Four-week course 2nd – 29th July £6,360
Course Date Price
LASP Two-week course 4th July – 18th July £2,920
LASP Four-week course 4th July – 1st August £5,840

Prices are all inclusive covering:

•  Airport transfers for arrivals and departures.
•  All meals and residential accommodation.
•  All entrance fees to attractions during excursions.
•  All tutorials, master classes and workshops.
•  Insurance

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The Oxford and Cambridge Advanced Studies Program offers a wide range of subjects for students to choose from.  Students choose two subjects to study over a two-week period.  It is possible to change subjects after two weeks if a student stays for 4 weeks. It is also possible to take a third subject upon arriving at the centre if a student’s timetable allows and if the maximum class size does not exceed 6.

  • Politics & International Relations (Oxford and Cambridge)
  • Macro & Micro Economics (Oxford and Cambridge)
  • Introduction to English & European Law (Oxford)
  • Introduction to International Law (Cambridge)
  • BRAND NEW TO 2017 – Architecture (Oxford)
  • History of Art (Oxford)
  • Medical Biology (Cambridge)
  • Foundations of Philosophy (Oxford)
  • Shakespeare’s Plays and Elizabethan England (Oxford)
  • Empires & Revolutions (Oxford)
  • Chemistry Matters (Cambridge)
  • Probability & Statistics (Cambridge)
  • The Physical World (Cambridge)
  • International Business Management (Oxford and Cambridge)
  • Classical Civilisations (Cambridge)
  • Film Studies (Oxford)
  • Psychology (Oxford)
  • Algebra and Calculus (Cambridge)
  • Societies & the Natural Environment (Cambridge)
  • Oxford Literary Greats (Oxford)
  • Philosophy in Literature (Oxford)
  • Applications of Engineering (Cambridge)
  • Cambridge Authors & Poets (Cambridge)
  • Marketing & Advertising (Oxford and Cambridge)
  • English Literature- Core Subject (London)
  • Biochemistry- Core Subject (London)
  • Physics of the Universe- Core Subject (London)
  • Psychology of the Mind- Core Subject (London)
  • Business Management- Core Subject (London)
  • IELTS Preparation- Core Subject (London)
  • Marvels of Mathematics- Core Subject (London)
  • British History- Specialist Subject (London)apply-1
  • Introduction to Engineering- Specialist Subject (London)
  • Feeling Philosophical- Specialist Subject (London)
  • Investing in Economics- Specialist Subject (London)
  • Introduction to Medicine- Specialist Subject (London)